Dream Catcher critical evaulation

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Dream Catcher – Final film from Katie-Marie Lynch on Vimeo.

In order to gain feedback upon my final film my first step was to distribute it generally online to a mass audience. Doing this gave me a basic level of feedback quite quickly and easily.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 21.52.09


In order to reach an audience interested more specifically in experimental film I joined a ‘experimental film’ forum to see what an audience of these expectations would think of my film.

The feedback from these ‘experimental nerds’ was very positive.


I enjoy the stop motion scenes and you synced the live-action with the stop motion well

Ultimately what the audience feels and thinks from watching my film is of a great importance to me , especially hearing the opinion of someone who knows the genre well, however also equally important for me is to reflect about what I have accomplished personally and what I have not so that I can improve.

Strengths of my piece

I feel from what I have learnt throughout this module that my film is true to the term ‘experimental’. I am satisfied that the techniques I have used are outside of the norm and challenge expectations. For me, especially after completing my Dada poem, I realised that probably because of the rest of my mainstream film production education it is very difficult for me to fight the innate urge to polish and fit things into a logical order. Redrafting, has normally been an experience of making small changes to make things look ‘better’ but to start again even, just to play with an idea was a surprisingly rewarding experience for me. My redraft of music for example was definitely a good idea I thought, although my final choice of music might not have been typically better in a mainstream way I thought it spoke a lot more emotion. Although I thought this would originally be a weakness, letting my inhibitions go and letting myself be experimental, I felt was ultimately a strength.

In terms of using actual experimental technique rather than planning, I really enjoyed adding lots of layers together which I achieved individually through different techniques. More importantly however I felt this worked well in created something a bit more out of the box and when put all together created some thing very dreamlike to fit with the theme of why young boys should never be sent to bed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 22.34.03


I felt that playing around in this way also linked in well with the childlike essence that I wanted originally. The fight scene, puppetry and animation was all made up on the spot so for me I really was just playing and I think this comes across quite clearly.

Even the double shadow produced from the light of the projector was a coincidence but, peter pan does have more than one shadow so this was a lucky coincidence. It showed me that just enjoying yourself and producing from the heart rather than the text-book can some times just surprise you!

I didn’t plan any of the colours in advance but choosing colours according to how I felt in producing them left a result which I felt also added to the dream like state. Real isn’t always necessarily better.

Because the film used so many layers I felt that it has a lot of potential room for interpretation, that is what I ultimately wanted to achieve most of all, to make my audience think about some thing that they had never before. To be that Peter Pan that doesn’t want to grow up and stay within the dream without having to get up and go to work.

Areas that need improvement

I felt my weakness within these piece lay within editing, my intention with my editing style was to create some thing playful but this still could have been slightly smoother still to cut between the various techniques that I used if only to pass as more professional.

I felt that the sound worked well with the piece in creating emotion but upon reflection, it may have been quite interesting for me to warp the sound in some way to create a more dreamy and distorted effect to match the visuals.

How I aim to advance from this experience

I discovered a great deal about the way that animation can be used, as I wish to create media for children I feel that is an area for me to work on and advance myself in to make the most of its ability to create the impossible as demonstrated in ‘Dream Catcher’.

Particularly in the beginning of this module, where I created my sound edit and montage mash-up my eyes were opened to the not only importance of sound but its capabilities. For me, I still find it personally difficult to let go entirely of traditional characteristics of the way that sound is used in mainstream sound but I feel like I am starting to see its potential. To let go off this instinct, I will continue to create pieces that are purely visual to see what impact I can still make.

Throughout my education I have always been told that a story must have a beginning a middle and an end, an equilibrium, disequilibrium and an equilibrium again but now I’ve seen that even if that is not the case than a film still can, in a strange and interesting way still speak to an audience. Why shouldn’t the audience be able to come up with and place themselves within a narrative themselves? I look forward to playing with this question on the future.

This module has most definitely taught me that it is okay to let go of theories and what I know works from past experience to try something new. I feel that creating art should be as much an eye opener for the maker as it is for the audience and this is some thing which I look forward to playing with in my future projects too.

I feel like this module has shown me what producing films means to me personally and I hope that comes across well in a passion throughout my future pieces of work in university and professionally.


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