Day six- focus group/redrafting

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Having drafted a first draft script of my short radio drama, I thought it important to draw in some feedback before developing it further as in the real world this could waste money further down the line in development it is more costly with time and money to change ideas, as a writer it is my responsibility to iron out as many potential errors in advance to made the production and post-production.

My approach to gaining feedback today was to ask the people who would ultimately choose whether their child would listen to my product what their thoughts were on my initial ideas.

I used twitter to source the people whom I would ask, asking over 300 parents and carers if they would be interested in beta testing my script for appropriateness thinking about their own child or a child that they are responsible for. Using networking in this way made it a lot easier to pinpoint certain qualities. This was useful for me to consider for when I come to distribute the final product of this and other creations, that I have the ability to find people who fit the exact demographics of my targeted audience.











A pleasing 120 people on twitter got back to me and I emailed them the first draft script. I was given some interesting points as to what its strengths were and which areas needed work.


  • Colourful and fun
  • Unique
  • Approve of its educational value
  • Relatable
  • Characters very likeable
  • Humour

Areas to work on

  • Appropriateness of complexity
  • Clarity in parts
  • Equilibrium of the ending

Using these notes I have begun to redraft my script, the clarity of it in particular as a key area for improvement.

As a professional writer, it is very important to be able to take criticism and develop my work and also myself from it so this was an insightful experience and one I feel that I coped quite well with.

I will continue to write up the second draft of my script, and on completion will seek feedback from people within the industry, to see if what I have created is up to a competitive standard.


Boyle,B. (2014). What is a Screenplay Visual Mindscape (And How Screenwriters Use It). Available: Last accessed 18th April 2014.


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