Day Eight- Researching for Brilliant Britain- Initial ideas

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Although I had researched concepts for my own non-fictional films before, my responsibilities for this placement were to find out about real people, real places and real cultures as part of the research team.

Teamwork soon become a vital part to the undertaking of this task as, after I set up a Facebook page specifically for the research team, we all looked into the things we felt most represented Britain in an entertaining way. Although we were given a brief by the channel productions, with information on the typical demographics of the audience too, we still had a lot of lee-weigh for the sort of features which we could include.

We were sent a break down of eight items, from local heroes, doing some thing green and local artists to name some, of which we had to source. Going back to what I am used to, I have for example sourced articles on a certain theory for inspiration when writing a story but for this I had to completely change my mind-set. The research has to be thorough and clear rather than a tool which can be distorted to an advantage, equally importantly the features that we source have to be entertaining and fit in with the current ethos of the channel.

It probably would have made more sense if we all chose a specific feature to research in great detail, however we all set about finding what we could for each feature until we had a Facebook group page full of links and ideas.




As this is a magazine show which will be broadcast on television to an audience of an expected 1.3 million people who month, it was important that we got it right.

My approach to research was through a combination of both the classic google search and word of mouth. I would look at each feature, think of what would appeal to its young adult audience and searched for locals that fitted that description.

One of the features which I looked at today is one that I sourced through word of mouth however and this made me think about the importance of networking if researching is something which I wish to ensue in the future.

In order to finalise the ideas I have planned a meeting with the other members of my team so that we can form an organised document to send off to the producer so that they can get in touch with the suggestions of ours that they choose. I feel like I have the determination and organisational skills to be a successful researcher for this project and I look forward to seeing the features come together in our meeting.




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