Day nine – Researching for Brilliant Britain-finalising features

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Today was the research meeting for Brilliant Britain and I was very excited about myself and the other researchers finalising all of our rough ideas together into a document ready to be presented and hopefully approved by the producers of the Community Channel. Unfortunately, because of other commitments it was only me and another member of the team that could make it, I was initially worried.

This inevitably put more pressure on myself and my colleague as we had only the links upon the Facebook page group as a reminder of other people s suggestions for the magazine shows features. However with a bit of hard graft and a brief trip to Gregg’s we cracked on and organised our ideas into a word document with the name of the feature as a title followed by a brief description and name of the suggestion and some research into the idea to back up why we felt it could be good for the show.

To make the job easier for the producers in the next step, we added in contact details amongst other information such as location and transport details where we could. I felt like this was a good use of initiative.

Although the group was small today, I felt this gave me a better experience of working under pressure and taking the responsibility for a large group of people. Whilst they could not be there on the day it was mine and my other team member that could make its duty to ensure that the other team members felt like they had their ideas put forward too.

Having sent the feature list onto my first point of contact she was very appreciative and said that we had done a good job. Now that I have passed the list on higher for approval, I hope that it will go down equally as well so I can assess my skills as a professional researcher for an actual televised channel!




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