Day ten- Sourcing sound for ‘Cooler’, Lightweaver Productions

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I was very lucky to source this placement after being in the other side of the camera for one of Lightweaver’s films way back when I was in a dance show. I was inspired by the style that the film production company had come to develop and so asked straight out if they could offer me any work experience, and that was my last placement.

This time the producer and director for the company has asked me to try some thing a little bit different for them, rather than filming for them this time. They want me to create the entire audio sound scape for their upcoming short film ‘Cooler’. I am very glad that I opted for sound and music as one of my course options this year.

This short love story between a water cooler and a photocopier has been shot with no sound. So I will be responsible for telling the story alongside the visuals, in a way which is both realistic and entertaining.

Following a meeting with the producer I set about sourcing the sounds which I would edit together to create the world inside the office. The sounds would appear alongside a composed soundtrack so it was important that the effects of the edit were subtle.

The easiest sounds which I sourced were online, these were the generic sounds such as printing and bubbles of which there are plenty of royalty free options readily available for free. Although sourcing these sounds was considerably easier than the sounds which I recorded myself, learning about the guidelines around Creative Commons was a real eye opener. I had to be very careful to ensure which footage really was for public use for the sake of the production company.

For the most important sounds, which I felt should be more realistic, I recorded them from home with a Zoom Mic H2n with a low audio gain so that I could capture the real thing through both channels without two much noise being picked up. This did take quite a bit of fiddling to get it right as the mic had a tendency to pick up other sounds like my phone interference! However, ensuring all other sounds were blocked off meant I could get some clean captures ready for editing.


In order to blend the mixture of sounds together, all from different sources and therefore with varying levels of reverb into a sound appropriate for the narrative, I am going to be using different effects in Audition such as Parametric EQ to equalise these levels.



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