Day eleven- Editing first draft soundscape for ‘Cooler’, Lightweaver Productions

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Using the array of sounds of which I recorded previous to today I imported them all into premiere pro so that I could match them to the first draft of the footage. As the film was shot silently it was important that the sound was fluid enough and had enough character in itself to tell the story.


Having studied sound and music before at university, it was lucky that I knew and had seen for myself about the importance of sound being able to tell a story as much as the visuals and I felt like this served me well in terms of the dedication that I put into this first edit for Lightweaver Productions.   Whilst as I was editing the first sequence referring to the visuals constantly was important, when I felt like I had imported them in the order which I felt was fitting, my intention was to edit the sounds in a way which would create a whole new world of their own even without the visuals.


It was a daunting task, the director reminding the importance of sound to tell a story where there was no dialogue I felt a little unprepared.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 14.14.14

Using Audition C6 however, I worked through each clip and made adjustments on its qualities from its speed, volume and even a slight echo in some instances. The reason I did this was to create a sense of space within the room on-screen and to match all of the sounds together to sound as if they had come from an office, and the same office for that instance rather than of f the internet and my own house.

Having put together a whole sequence I felt like, although I still had a lot to learn about sound editing I had improved my skills in creating a sound scape that sounded professional.

As the sound scape which I edited together was only a trial to go with the original footage which was not a final edit this was a good chance for me to practice and gain feedback with no risk. The director said that he felt the edit was good, in order to improve it though I need to work on the realism of the piece, as the film has had to rely on graphics to tell parts of the story due to unfortunate events (involving a hell of a lot of water) this is more important than ever.

In order to do this I am going to use YouTube tutorials to practice applying the right levels of reverb and utilising Audition to the best of my ability. Hopefully then, when I receive the final visuals to work with I can give it justice to round it off a realistic piece.



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