Day Twelve- Initial ideas for Music Video, Putting together a rough draft

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Having had my work spotted online, mainly this blog (Always a win!) I attracted the attention of a musician looking to make some music videos for the release of his new upcoming album. He emailed me across an mp3 of one of the songs which he wanted me to work on to see what my initial ideas were.

My experience as a researcher for the community channel happened to be very useful as the music video had a historical element which I needed to find out more about, in order to create visuals which would make sense with the song. I asked my family and took a trip to my local library in order to find out more about the irish heritage, and having written down the lyrics for the song, I have begun to thing about what potential interpretations could be entertaining and eye-opening for the audience. Creating a music video for a song about a topic I knew very little about was an advantageous experience as the more I created the more I learnt myself about history and culture. The knowledge of this I feel is very important to being an all-rounded film maker which stands out amongst competition.

I tried a technique which I had never done before to put my ideas to together a visual storyboard alongside the music file in premiere pro. Using Images of google I simply placed them in sync with the visuals, The advantages of this were that I could easily keep referring to the visuals, write notes and work out the length that each idea would last for within the film without boring the audience. Although some of the pictures were not as close to my own thoughts as I would have hoped it was a useful tool for me to start thinking about my ideas towards the film in a physical form, this is a technique which I will most likely use again.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 18.43.47

Armed with a greater background knowledge and a very rough cut of ideas I am going to be meeting the musician to see if I am along the right lines and to talk about what it is exactly that he wants me to do.

Although I have been to business meetings before, it has normally been with other media producers working together on the same task. In being responsible for the entirety of the visuals I am looking forward to the independence and discipline that this will entail, as well as the openness to use my own ideas and see what I am myself capable of.

Being a freelancer under a contract for a short while also allows me to think about which form of employment suits me best on graduation.



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