Day thirteen- Meeting and sourcing footage for music video

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I met with the musician today and we spoke about the work that I had already created and how my style and strengths could be incorporated into the music videos which I would create for him. Being a freelancer in this meeting and representing myself rather than a larger company felt very professional, I learnt a lot from the experience about appropriate behaviour and the sort of things that are discussed in a contracted meeting.

It was very interesting to go through my old pieces of work and consider how I could use these techniques again for my client. As a film maker in general, it was helpful for me to see techniques that he felt worked well and how I appear to the outside world professionally so I was very pleased that we used this technique to gather ideas. He saw me as being very competent in experimental film, that was unsurprisingly very motivational to hear!

My client told me that he wasn’t a fan of literal so my experience in experimental film would be useful for this project. For the first music video, rather than a literal storyline like for example ‘The Man inside’ that I had created before, he wanted me to enjoy myself and play around with my own interpretations of the video.

“As if you’re making one of your own films using my music.”

It was very flattering to be given this opportunity and we spent the rest of the meeting talking about how the first film that I will create for him will consist of purely archival footage. Although this will be easier in terms of not having to go and shoot outside, I now need to think about copyrighting laws and sourcing footage which is available for everybody to use. Whilst the musician is happy to pay for any royalty free footage which incurs a charge, I am going to try and create the videos on a small a budget as I can. I would rather get a reputation for value for money than having very expensive ideas that could be created at less expense.

I was even asked the dreaded question, how much do you normally charge? Although I have had paid contracted work before it was my boss who chose my wages. This is a part of freelancing which I had never really thought about before but very advantageous to finally think about, how much will resources cost for me to make these videos? and what is a reasonable rate to charge for my own labour?

My plan is, particularly with the films with less archive footage, to offer my client examples of what I could offer them for their money. This an idea that I was given off another freelancer, that way they can make a better informed decision in advance, and I can work out how much I will make myself for the labour of this too in terms of how much other people charge. This is definitely a business technique in the development of myself as a freelancer.

After returning home from the meeting I began to source creative commons footage ready to edit which I thought would be relevant to the song I was given to focus on. Although the first draft I did was too literal, and for a different song that he decided to use first for one, some of the ideas which I used in that could be transferred easily across to this song to express irish culture. I am looking forward to playing around with the various effects in premiere pro and after effects to create some thing very proudly non-mainstream.




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