Day fourteen- Editing effects onto footage for musician

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Having met up with my client, a musician looking for somebody to create music videos for his new album. I imported all of the footage which I found online, on creative commons archival website I was surprised by the volume and variety of free footage available to use, this was a very convenient way of sourcing visuals and one which I will use again for generic footage. Especially as someone setting up in the early stages of film production, and in order to keep costs low for any clients, this is a good option to know how to utilise effectively.

As this was technically art work created by other people, in order to add my own twist and artistic license to the footage and to fit the film as well as I could make it , I used several effects in after effects and premiere pro to layer footage as well as change the footage. I did this until many of the clips were entirely unrecognisable, I was surprised at just how far I could push my editing skills and was very happy with this.

I wanted to really focus on getting the footage to fit in well with the song so I wrote down the ideas that I had for techniques and effects that I could use and used YouTube to watch tutorials on layering footage professionally.

I have just finished putting together a sequence edit of the footage, with an emphasis on the timing fitting in well effectively with the music. Whereas in a typical film, the edit just needs to make sense, creating a music video allows me to edit rhythmically and I wanted to give this opportunity justice and almost create a beat of its own in the way that I edit the footage together.

I have already added an old-fashioned effect onto all of the footage, as I feel that the video holds a good historic message and I wanted to emphasise this. Naturally, the graded footage is less colourful so the bits which do show colour are a lot more powerful and I feel this already works well.

Tomorrow I will see how this colour grading will impact the film when layering pieces of footage together. I feel I am learning a lot from this experience of editing to music with that as an inspiration.




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