Day Fifteen- Final edit and titles for Musician

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I came back to the editing I had already started with a fresher mind and decided against my earlier idea of grading the footage in its entirety. Instead, I re-imported some of the footage in its modern and pure self to contrast with the older looking footage earlier on. I liked the effect of a journey that this made.

As my client asked for ‘experimental’, I wanted my layering idea to have as many dimensions as possible and some sort of movement. In relation to the idea of a journey I decided that the base layer for my composition should be water, to reflect the movement of a journey overseas and a dreamy state in the way that it would also move and distort the footage in the layer on top.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 17.37.27

Although setting the transparency and motion levels was a little tricky in parts I liked the effects of having the two moving and would like to play around with the idea again.

Although the effect might be a little too experimental for mainstream cinema, the effect of layering and the motion between the footage tells a story in itself. As a filmmaker I think that the amount of interpretation that this allows for is more thought-provoking than playing one layer at a time, or even layering two static visuals that don’t move at all or not very much.

In terms of the brief that I was given, to play around with the available effects on premiere pro to my heart’s content, to create a film which fitted the song but was also fun and deep, I feel like I have pushed myself to do this to a good ability. Putting together a music video was something I had ever done before but looking back on the footage I had create I feel that this has improved my skills in editing visuals in ways I had never done before. And that is the best way that I can develop my skills.

I used templates off the internet to see what the norm was for music titles edit and ended up following the MTV template as a guideline, with the artist’s name in bold first and my name below much smaller.I also found a font very similar to the one used by many larger industries and this fitted in well with the start of the film when stretched out a little.  With the titles complete and on the film, I felt that the film looked a great deal more professional for it and I was very happy with the final footage.

I have sent off the footage to the musician who seems happy with it and said that he really liked the techniques that I used. One film down and only 6 to go!


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