Day Seventeen- Putting together a website/developing online presence

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Now that I am building my freelance skills and beginning to specialise more in creating media for children and young people, I devoted today to developing my online presence and to show as much as the world as I can these changes to my experience, and whilst I am at it to spread some excitement about the radio play I am currently working on.

The main purpose of building a website was to:-

  • Give myself a professional outlook
  • Begin to put together a portfolio of media specifically for children
  • To gain interest and feedback so that I can learn from my audiences responses
  • To attract the attention of professionals and employers in the same field.

To build my website I used free website creator, this offered me plenty of templates as a starting point and I could choose one already built as a canvas for a media producer.

I chose a template which used crumpled paper as a background as I liked that this was representative of creative innovation, that plenty of ideas end up in the bin before a final product is complete. As the background was plain, it also meant that I could use bright colours to express this theme of the things that I create being fun and approachable by a young audience.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 21.10.59


I used the OneThousandPictures logo as the focus point of the ‘Home Page’ with the subtle edit ‘For Kids’ added on in sketchy letters to straight away point out that it is a sister part to the mainstream company I am expanding. The Pencils and submarine were references to immersing yourself into creativity, whether that be as the artist or the audience and this is a reference I would like to use again as it is quite covert but effective.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 21.11.20

As noted in my brief above, I put in a page purely for media which was not just suitable but created with children in mind.

Under each video I have put a note for the guardian/parent of the child who would watch the video as it would be them ultimately deciding if the material was appropriate for their child.

In reference to children’s Audio drama ‘Crash’ which is currently in production, I have put up a trailer to build some excitement around the project.


Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 21.11.38

The parents/Guardian page I left as a cv of my experience and skills, this page is for adults to see that I am both a professional and care about the cause and for potential employers to see that I am competent in using the software that I demonstrate within the portfolio of work also on the website . Building this page in particular reminded me of the selling points that I am gaining for myself from undertaking projects, such as the ones I have done for my professional experience module.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Upon my websites I put up plenty of networking opportunities for people to get involved. Not everybody uses Twitter, Facebook etc so creating this website was a good way of drawing attention to these audience members but for those that do, social networking is a more convenient way of building a community and keeping them updated.

I am slightly unhappy with the colour of the text on some of the pages and this is something I will change. I would also like to develop the information about ‘Crash’ as this is my biggest children’s radio challenge so far in terms of length and how I will go about recording it. This is a unique quality which I would now like to sell.

Despite all of this I feel that the website is starting to have a good professional feel to it and the publicity on searching my name to a page about my work can only be a good thing.



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