Day Eighteen- Finalising Cast and organising recordings from different countries

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I have used social networking to cast all of the people in my audio drama, and now it has been a useful tool for me to actually organise the recordings from around the world and to ensure that everybody knows what they are doing.

I have created a Facebook group to send general messages out in bulk rather than to each person. I thought it also important to create a community, where the actors could talk to each other and bounce off each others personalities so that this would come across within the drama.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.42.12

Because of the circumstances, where the actors are all from different cities from literally all around the world. It is essential for me to create as large a sense of unity as possible. The obstacles that I faced in organising my team in this way were different to that of working in a recording studio for one day with all my actors in one place. Although, this way meant that I could cast actors from all over the world, which in itself gives character to the story through the different actors accents and that I could request re-edits easily without having to go back into the studio, it does mean that with actors in different time zones and different timetable  it is much harder to keep track off the recording that each artist does.

To overcome this, I have had to be extra organised and practice good communication skills to keep everybody informed of what each person has done so far. This has included some late nights to make sure that people who aren’t in England are still kept up to date.

The first actor to begin recording was Dane, who is voicing the role of Chris. Although he recommended a fellow actor who had a younger voice, this actor felt that the task was too big. Being in a position where I am unable to pay my actors is a little frustrating. For the next radio drama I will do, I am therefore going to fundraise before hand. This will hopefully overcome the obstacle of missing out on talented actors over money. However, I am still very happy with the casting of Dane, and think that he has interpreted the script well so far.

I have uploaded the clips that he has sent for me as I have edited them and hope that when the other actors come to record their parts they can bounce of these snippets of his character.


This experience has taught me a lot about the importance of communication and I feel I have learnt a lot about directing from being so far away from my actors and having to articulate what I want and when. My strengths with this I think have been my organisational skills, from setting up a Facebook group and casting everybody in a short amount of time despite a few unfortunate circumstances, but again I feel like this project could have been improved with more time if I started earlier.

As this is something which is too late to change, I have at least upped my game with all of the actors scheduled to complete their recordings in the next few days. As these recordings begin, it is more important than ever that I ensure my cast is happy, know about their characters and the ones which they interact with and what file type/where to send it to.

I feel quite confident that my actors feel comfortable working with me, although it being in a slightly unusual way this time!




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