Day Nineteen-Recording from different parts of the world ‘Crash’

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I have begun to set about the last stages of working towards my final piece as the actors begin to record their pieces. My intention is to piece together all of the different characters to create a world that fits the original brief that I set myself. My aim from this brief is still to create a radio drama that is bold and fun whilst also having an educational element, listening to the pieces in their unedited form now I feel that I recreated the original image in my head as I intended to be, now I hope that after editing this with the addition of royalty free clips too my audience will feel that it fits this brief too.

Technically, for this project everything needed to be consistent in order for me to get these audio clips to blend in well together. As the actors messaged me one by one to tell me that they were ready to begin recording, I ensured that they were using appropriate recording software which was of a reasonable quality and that they were recording to a compatible file type for Premiere Pro.

The other element to the filming that I wanted to be effective was the acting and characterisation of my script, although I had an idea in my head of what I wanted I knew that it was going to be extra difficult to put this across to my actors via the internet. Whilst I did offer my actors assistance as much as if I was on set, answering questions and suggesting motives I also edited as went go along, so the actors could bounce off each other. This made it easier for the actors to leave the right length of pauses so other voices could be edited in fluidly and react appropriately to each other responses.

Wav file for voice of ‘Chris’

Doing recording over the internet was a clear obstacle and I felt powerless not being able to be right next to the actors during the recordings. However my strengths at communicating and being able to edit efficiently at a fast pace help me to lessen the burden of this.

The fast pace of this part of production really showed me my own strengths and weaknesses. Although it was at types quite stressful to make sure all of my cast were happy with performing their character to the best of their abilities and knew what they were doing technically in terms of equipment, how loud to speak and in some cases what settings on the microphone, the Actors have luckily said my script was very usable. The actor for Chris said that he could easily understand his character within a first read, apparently this is rare so this has left me more confident with my own scripting ability.

With all of the sound files that I have now gathered I will be using premiere pro tomorrow to blend them into one which, similarly to ‘cooler’ uses sound to tell the story.




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