Day twenty- Editing ‘Crash’ final audio

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Today my sound editing skills have been tested to the max as I have begun to put together all of the individual sound files from the recordings my actors did for me.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 23.37.24


I had over 400 sound clips to work with and that was after I had taken out the outtakes! To begin with this mission I renamed the files accordingly in the layout of Scene-Take-Actor, this use of initiative although taking a little time before I could get started it did make it considerably easier to find the clips that I wanted and in the right order.

With the clips named accordingly I put together a sequence edit, I put the audio footage simply into an edit which made sense. As to be expected this edit lacked a colour to it, so again I used a mix of royalty free and sounds that I had recorded myself to bring the story to life and I feel that this worked well.

With the footage all in the right order with the extra sounds that I had sourced too, I took each clip and edited it with the extension of sound editing software Audition. I played around with the different audio settings but eventually found that the settings were efficient enough in creating a professional edit.

The biggest obstacle, with the sounds being sourced from different people’s computers and mic’s was the variation in reverb and volume. To level all of these things out I used a parametric EQ effect across all of the files so that they would all have the same quality and I think this effectively covers this fact. When I show the final project to an audience I will be interested to see how this comes across, then I can see how effective my editing skills have become throughout this project.

image (1)

Editing the sound test was a good practice for editing multiple layers and feel this was a good plan to get some practice in before this part of the project. The final edit does offer new challenges, as obviously this is not just a test and uses the layering of many more sounds and effects to tell the whole story but I feel confident in using Premiere Pro and Audition to do this efficiently.

I showed the final edit to a fellow professional and he pointed out some strengths and weaknesses for me to work on.

Most importantly, he felt it met the brief but felt that it had a little too much silence in it. I filled the gaps in sound, thinking about what my writers course has taught me about the attention span of modern children being less of that than an adult and I hope that it now receives the positive feedback that I hope it will when I replace the trailer on my brand new website with the final edit.


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