Comparing Placements freelance and contracts, Responsibilities and Progression

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Looking back on my work experience I have learnt a lot, not just technically as a media producer but also about my own strengths and weaknesses as one too.

Freelance- Producing a radio Drama and developing publicity


This was by far the easiest placement to source! Being a freelancer in addition to contracted work offered me a good insight into the two and which suited me the most. I really enjoyed the freedom that freelancing gave me in sourcing my own project, sourcing a placement close to what I want to do with children’s media was difficult within the time frame but by doing it myself I could just get on with it. Being responsible for everything not only taught me a lot about managing myself but also gave me an insight into absolutely everything, from casting, writing, directing and editing and this was very beneficial. I feel that I have learnt a lot from this project which will benefit me in the future, I have more confidence in that I am technically able to script for children and that this is something which I enjoy.

Lightweaver – Sound for short film


In contrast to my freelance work, other than actors, this project did and still is as an ongoing project requiring me to work as a team. The film being passed on from editing to SFX and to me as one of the latter stages of editing is very satisfying in that I have a big deal of responsibility to the final product of the film.  Having a director as a boss also, has helped to develop as a producer from learning and evolving from the feedback I have constantly been given. Working as a freelancer, it is beneficial to find my own ways of evaluating my success but having a boss above me from the same background, means that I can get a professional outside view much more easily. In terms of the task itself, editing the sound for the film was challenging but allowed me to grow as a media producer, this combined with doing the sound for cooler as well as my own radio drama has made me think seriously about potentially working with sound.

The production of this short film is still underway and I am certain that I will grow more through every draft of the sound that I do until completion, I am determined to get it perfect for everybody in the Lightweaver team and have been offered more work in the future. I feel that this is a good sign for my growth as a producer, also as a sound person.

I will also continue to develop my online presence continuously so that I build my fellowship, so that both my audience and potential employers can see my work. Feedback in this way is a way which I know I can grow from.


Jan Foundation- Event photography


Although this was a short project, the fast paced nature of it has taught me a lot about my ability to handle tight schedules and adjusting quickly to a workplace. This project was extremely rewarding socially, knowing that I was putting my skills to a good cause also whereas freelance writing can be a bit lonely at times and can take a while to be rewarding, being thanked at the end of one long shift made a big difference to my approach to editing, to be reminded of the cause.

Technically I learnt a lot about photography too, I was a little disappointed at some of the photos that I took on the night but have since as a result of this learnt more about using aperture and ISO in poor lighting conditions.

As a result, the Jan Foundation have asked me to help with the marketing of their new merchandise range by taking pictures for their website. Again, I feel like this is a good sign that I have proven myself professionally competent in this area.

 Musician- Music video

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 17.37.27

The way that I sourced this contract in itself was educational, I am further understanding the importance of networking and advertising my skills in order to attract attention. The benefit of undertaking this project is that I was given the chance to extend on existing skills, having played around with archival footage before I felt quite confident about it.

Working for a client again, this time an artist from a different background in music rather than film gave me an insight into professional creative collaboration. Coming to a compromise between two interpretation is at times more difficult than relying on my own initiative but also has its advantages to better my own ideas.

As the musician has asked me to create more films for him, and would therefore like the additional use of my skills. I feel that I am learning fast in this area of music video making, even though that this is something which I had never done professionally before.

Community channel-Researcher


This is the most professional placement that I have sourced, knowing that I would be contributing to a programme that will actually be aired on television to a large audience bought with it greater responsibility to push myself.

However, as the circumstances unraveled to a vastly reduced-in-numbers team of researchers I also got to develop my skills as a team leader and feel that I did this well. I am still waiting to hear from the channel but I feel that I made the most of a limiting situations and this is something vital to learn off. Above everything else this was a project quite different to what I had done before so was very insightful to try something in the very early stages of pre-production.

I feel quite strongly, looking back on my experiences and original swot analysis and how that has changed, that my strengths lie in pre-production and all of these jobs have shaped me to do this better than before they commenced.


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