Progression from professional experience and showcasing new skills to professional employers

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Now that I have finished the required days for the module, I have shown to myself what I am capable of achieving and the skills that I already did have and those that I have obtained. To advance beyond the module however, I need to use these new skills and experiences to my advantage.

Whist some of my projects still continue, I am fortunate that I have gained longer term contracts through this module, in order to gain more work on the completion of these though I have begun to reflect on where I am professionally, where I would like to be and how I aim to get here. This course, particularly the undertaking of scripting ‘Crash’ showed me that writing for children is not only where my strengths lie but it is something which I am passionate about to continue with.

In order to devise a plan on how I will do this I have referred to my original SWOT analysis, and updated it to be specifically about this career in reference to what I have learnt and obtained from this module.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 13.33.10Using this SWOT analysis, I have set myself a list of short and long-term goals to better my chances of meeting this ambition:

  • Carry on course in writing for children
  •  Develop skills as a freelancer whilst looking for contracted and stable work
  • Gain professional contacts within the sector using networking such as twitter and Facebook as well as attend conferences such as the London Screenwriters festival
  • Postgraduate study in more specialised area upon graduation
  • Continue to update CV and online presence

As a first step to these plans I have been updating my website and will continue to do so

And have also updated my Media producer cv, so that it now notes my new skills and experiences whilst hopefully appealing more to potential employers. For example it now states my experience with sound, as well as project highlights with cooler, event photography and the community channel.

The most beneficial outcome which I feel will serve me well is the vast amount of variety  experience that I have gained. Whilst I feel passionate about screen and radio writing, I now have more experience in sound, research and photography which will contribute to these specific skills as well as allowing me to still undertake other projects also to a good level.

Whilst gaining more professional work for a children’s channel for etc would have been advantageous, I know feel prepared to compete in this highly competitive industry in order to gain this in the future.

The internal strengths of my placements are that I feel I worked hard and did stay focussed to keep to all deadlines that were set. I have continued employment with several placements so feel that this is a good measure of my success. Although time management was at times more challenging and a bigger weakness than I expected, particularly with juggling several projects at once, this is some thing which I have shown myself to have overcome, despite several obstacles, to meet my own and employers targets.

Overall I have learnt a lot about my own abilities. This has given me a great deal more confidence that the best way to improve my skills is to give lots of different areas and to practice my skills at every opportunity to give myself a competitive edge too.






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