Day Twenty-Three; Final features for the Community Channel

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This morning I got an email from one of the producers at the Community Channel, whom as I was rather happy to hear was impressed with the initial list of features which we had composed for her and felt that the features were in fact very usable if they were feasible.



In order to comply with the typical ethos of the channel, she has asked me to find out which of these features is lottery funded, and this was my task for today. Although a simple Google search was the case in many instances to basically try and see if I could get the quota up, in other instances I was required to email and ring individuals and companies to see whether this was applicable. As this task went on my confidence most definitely grew, my biggest obstacle to overcome was ensuring that I communicated clearly between the companies as a messenger representing the channel well.

Complying with the style of a company is a skill which I hope will serve me well, as primarily a self-employed freelancer I am mostly used to producing to my own style. Being asked to follow someone else’s rules is a greater determent of my abilities and a greater opportunity to grow as a producer so I was grateful for this experience.

The other component of todays task before sending my work back to the producer was to research the features that she had suggested as well as use my own initiative to suggest which features I felt would work the most favourably.

This opportunity to think about audience demographics was advantageous, as a media producer there is little point in producing a media text without an audience in mind. Having been sent the basic details of the demographics as well as the socio-demographics for the ready made audience I wanted to source the best materials suitable. This is a large company with an already large and loyal viewership not only on the television but also online so I did not want to break the tradition in anyway.

Using my initiative, I selected the features which were what I felt to be the most attractive in terms of appealing to its audience, I deducted this based on the previous interest that the companies and individuals were receiving already online on Twitter and Facebook. Using another colour, I highlighted the features which I thought were the most feasible in terms of location and the amount of media interest that they had had before. This use of initiative helped me to make more educated decisions and I felt confident that I took control of the situation in a logical way.

I have sent off this further research and look forward to hearing back from the producers of the channel.




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