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Watching other presentations and comparing the experiences that my peers had with my own allowed me to evaluate and see what the next sensible stages would be.

The interesting points which I picked up on in other peoples presentations included people talking about their own Skills in relation to their specific course and the differences of this to the skills they had learnt from their experience. As a Media production student, the skills I have obtained have varied between photography, film and radio. However undertaking tasks such as researching for the community channel was something which I had to learn on the job rather than something which I had learnt before.
What I didn’t expect to learn about through watching the presentations were the differences between big and small businesses in terms of structure; for example the benefit of an automated booking system on a website for a large custom.  Considering the importance of what to focus on when running a business such as competitive threats and the need for money were all useful notes for me to think about as a freelancer. The greatest skill which was repeatedly mentioned was the importance of time management, and this is a skill I would like to improve further for this reason.

Some students spoke about not having much luck when it came to finding work and the feedback for these students were that phoning and networking online, building contacts so that you the applicant isn’t just a stranger was much better than emailing a cv and hoping for the best.
In todays age linkedin isn’t even an especially sufficient way to put your name out there, I must think of new innovative ways to get people attention and be less afraid to ask people face to face to gain employment. In particular one of the students in my group made me think about the use of Multimedia to do this, being a part of radio, television and internet platforms gives you a greater viewership and therefore improves chances of catching the right persons attention.

Although this was something which I talked about in my own presentation, developing unique selling points for both the product and myself as a producer was something which we talked about. In order to compete, I need to have something which puts me out from the crowd and for me personally I feel this is a vast variety of experience and the ability to produce for young audiences and whole families.

After showing my presentation to the group, I was asked to think about how I was going to sell myself? What makes a freelance writer? and how i I can protect myself against copyright?

In order to sell myself as a writer I am going to continue developing my skills at home as well as offering them to film makers, theatre directors at increasing prices as my skills develop. I am aware that for a while I will have to make the effort to approach people rather than they approaching me.

I have since looked further into the real meaning of being a freelance writer, according to Wiki How,

A freelance writer is someone who writes without belonging to any single company or entity but acts like a small business or an independent contractor.

In order to do this, networking and gaining plenty of contacts will be vital. In terms of copyright, there is considerably less protection in the UK than in America for example, whilst we do not have a writers guild there are other means of protection which I had not thought about before. It is impossible to copyright protect an idea but I can claim intellectual property on my own work. This knowledge may save me a lot of potential heartache in the future.




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