Media production is collaborative. We all have areas where we are talented and all have areas where our talents need to de developed. Together, we will use our talents for the benefit of others and strive to develop our own talents. We will not be protective of our practice but will share it freely and willingly for the benefit of all.

Everyone you will work with has different qualifications, qualities and life experience. Everyone has something to offer. We will respect everyone who we work with for their qualities and experience and work to all of our strengths.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Albert Einstein). It is easy to think that creativity is a technical exercise: it isn’t. It is easy to think that creativity is about copying: it isn’t. We will not copy what we see but will strive to challenge ourselves – creatively, intellectually and technically – in all that we do.

Seek out what you would normally avoid.The more you see, the more you learn: the more you learn, the more you see. So, you should start to watch, listen to, view, experience that which is challenging and difficult. Only then, will you be able to work at the limits of creativity

Learning is acquired, not bought. You are the only person who can learn what you need to. Learn what you can from every experience. If you chose not to, you are the only person who will suffer.

We will strive to address problems in a positive fashion and come up with considered and effective solutions utilising the support that is available to us.

“Success is 99% failure”. Media Production is not an exact science: it is art. It is made up of lots of failures and a succession of little victories. You should expect to fail and we will support each other in that failure. Failure is productive if one learns from it. Together, we will learn from our failure.

We reject the cult of celebrity and mediocrity. Our creative works will be produced with integrity.  We respect our contributors and will not profit from the misfortune of others.


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