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Peer feedback on video pitch; Analysis

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Watching other video pitches has given me many ideas as to how an engage an audience in an idea you feel passionate about. I particularly liked the use of animation and moving graphs to demonstrate ideas and will likely utilise this technique in the future. The pitches which I felt were less engaging were ones in which the pitch lacked market research into its competition, the feedback I received was mostly favourable in terms of this and I completely agreed with everything that was said. I was happy with the way in which I discussed the need of the resource within my pitch but I should have managed my time better to give more detail into the actual product itself.

Over the next couple of days this is an area I am going to work on.


Video Pitch- Some things cannot be taught from books; Research and development

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There is a significant difference between developing something because of ‘Wouldn’t it be cool’ reasoning and developing something to amend a real life problem. My research has shown that my product, a resource to aid in the teaching of PSHE, could make a significant different to a significant product. The Department of Education and other relevant authorities consider the subject a necessary part of education ad students and teachers alike feel there are difficulties in the way it is taught and that technology is key to the development of the classroom. This and more is what I have talked about in my pitch.

Some things cannot be taught from books; Research and Development

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Putting together my research into a film medium was great fun. I decided to start off with the awkward old-fashioned approach which currently exists and modernise the pitch as it went on to demonstrate the futuristic appeal of my product. Trying to make the research that I have done interesting also allowed me to think about the best way in which I can appeal to my audience and gather an interest in the concept. Enjoy, any feedback would be gratefully welcomed.