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An interactive tool for learning; Analysis

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After pitching my 3 ideas for this module today I have decided to take forward the interactive white board app into further development. I intend to, even after this module is complete, sell the finished prototype to schools as an enhancement, for PSHE lessons in particular.

The basic principle of this innovation is that it takes a real life approach to learning about real life lessons. Using the kind of webcam technology already apparent in console games, the interactive worlds which I will create will allow the student to think about consequences in a life like virtual reality starring them rather than from a book.

I chose this idea to take forward partly because of the research I have undertaken below in my interview with the consumers, although not the investors, teacher and student. Whilst PSHE is considered an important part of the curriculum it seems that measures need to be taken to engage its students again and to incorporate the subject properly which is considered so essential. That is where I feel my gap in the market lays.

I am going to further this research with what these interviews have taught me and also extend on my existing creative ideas before contacting benefice’s and ultimately the head teacher or specific purchasers of resources for schools around my area, and see whether it is worth developing this into more than a prototype.